Occupational safety

Safety is the foundation for all our operations. We ensure the high level of occupational safety by listening to and actively including our employees. Active collaboration with the occupational safety committee and the customer plays an important role in improving occupational safety. An actively involved occupational health care provider and the commitment of the company’s leadership ensure that occupational safety is implemented in all situations.

At PTP, occupational safety is promoted with weekly safety-related discussions and with regular occupational safety committee meetings. The employees’ observations and how they are processed are the most important factors in identifying of potential risks.

We use an ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system certified by Dekra Oy. The system has been integrated into our operations manual.

The goal of occupational safety is to have zero incidents during the year.

Reaching that goal requires open collaboration between all parties and the continuous development of operations. A weekly newsletter and reports from the latest safety discussion are tools for site managers to open discussions about safety. These short safety discussions include daily details as well as any larger issues required by the customer.

Porin Teollisuusputki - Occupational safety