Industrial pipe welding with professional skill and quality, all over in Finland


Porin Teollisuusputki Oy carries out all kinds of piping welding work, from gas pipeline welds to repair welds. Thanks to our careful self-monitoring, our welding is of the highest quality and our welders are the best in Finland.

Special-purpose steels

The welding of special-purpose steels requires expertise from the welder. All of Porin Teollisuusputki’s welders are qualified in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 9606-1 standard when it comes to pressure equipment welding. In addition to being highly qualified, the welders are regularly offered further training.

Porin Teollisuusputki’s specifications for welding procedures are based on procedure tests where the welding parameters have been tested with nondestructive and destructive testing methods. This way we can ensure the best end-result even with demanding materials. PTP has performed nearly 40 different procedure tests, for example on heat-resistant steels, various duplex steels and titanium.

Gas pipelines

A gas pipeline can be used as a supportive element, such as a transfer pipeline used for a heating system’s natural gas, or a shipyard’s interior welding gas network. On the other hand, gases, such as oxygen, argon or nitrogen, can be produced as a process by-product for sale. From the perspective of legislation concerning pressure equipment, it is important to remember that because of a larger amount of bound potential energy, the risk classification for these substances is higher than that of a liquid working substance. . There is separate legislation for liquid and natural gases that set requirements for installation companies. In addition, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency’s (Tukes) guidelines for chemical pipelines must be taken into account when it comes to flammable gases. PTP has class A qualifications in gases.

Our expertise includes, for example:

  • liquid and natural gas pipelines
  • gas networks
  • oxygen pipelines
  • ammonia and carbon dioxide pipelines.

Repair welding

The goal of repair welding is usually to repair any damage as quickly as possible. It is often wise to investigate the cause of damage. After evaluating the situation, the best repair method can be decided and a specification for the welding procedure can be created. Final inspection of the end-result and documentation are automatically included in PTP’s services, including repair welding.

Case 1

Boliden Harjavalta Oy – OCTO sulphuric acid plant

Porin Teollisuusputki Oy participated in Suurteollisuuspuisto industrial park’s new sulphuric acid plant project in Harjavalta as the contractor for a cooling tower’s pipeline. Significant problems arose: the special-purpose steel (Sandvik SX) that was used inside the plant had cracked welds and other welding errors. Because PTP had experience with the material, they started to make a plan to ensure the welding quality.

Specification of the welding procedure was drawn up based on PTP’s existing procedure tests, taking into account the special nature of the repair procedure, because welds were not going to be repaired along their entire peripheral length. Ensuring traceability was also important. The existing applicable information on the welds had to be transferred to the documentation while the repair procedures were written down and the inspection of the parts to be repaired was carried out.

Repair welds were primarily done in PTP’s production facilities in Pori to ensure the best quality and occupational safety, after which the parts were installed in Harjavalta. The project can be considered a success, since all of the approximately 400 welds to be repaired were completed without any welding mistakes that would incur a failed mark during the post-work inspections (100% PT, RT, VT and pressure test).

Case 2

Tecnip Offshore Finland

Case-sample in making.