The best technical solutions for piping projects that optimise lifecycle costs

Industrial projects

Industrial projects of various sizes are the core of PTP’s business. We deliver piping projects with equipment installations and steel structures, and with the help of our partner network we can complement our service selection to meet our customers’ needs, whatever they may be. In most cases, the project includes equipment, piping, steel and insulation installations and procurement in accordance with the customer’s plans. We always determine delivery deadlines for industrial projects together with the customer.

From the customer’s perspective, it is useful to commission the whole project from a single service provider, because having a single contractor manage procurement and installation schedules reduces overall risk exposure and improves efficiency. From an occupational safety perspective, tasks can be arranged so that the installations of different parts are not conducted at the same time at the same site.

Case 1

Linde ASU oxygen plant at Harjavalta

Oy AGA AB’s owner Linde AG chose Porin Teollisuusputki Oy as their mechanical contractor for a project where an oxygen plant originally situated in Koverhar, Hanko, was moved to Harjavalta, where AGA’s plants operate in the Suurteollisuuspuisto industrial park. The materials to be moved totalled over one thousand tonnes and included service platforms, piping and other things in addition to the equipment itself. Some of the mass to be dismantled was sorted as waste.

The main compressor and the booster compressors are the largest individual equipment installations, but dozens of containers and pumps were also installed. Also the oxygen concentrating tower’s assembly welds and the dismantling and reassembly of the tower’s over 50-metre landing were significant parts of the project. After the dismantling, the pipeline was moved to Pori, to PTP’s production facilities where new pipelines could be prefabricated.

The project also included the connection of the oxygen plant to existing systems. It was completed on a tight schedule: 44 different points of connection in total were completed in four days. Because of good planning and management of material streams, the project was completed in time.

Case 2

Länsi-Suomen Polttoöljy

At the oil and chemical harbour in Tahkoluoto, Pori, Länsi-Suomen Polttoöljy Oy built a bitumen and container terminal where the shipped bitumen is loaded in to tankers which distribute it further to work sites. Porin Teollisuusputki acted as the mechanical contractor at the site, providing pump, heat exchanger and other equipment installations in addition to piping installations. The site has a natural gas boiler that is used to heat the bitumen when it is stored in a container.

The installation work included traditional pipeline and equipment assembly, as well as construction work on the pumping facility, restricted access area and bitumen terminal. These solutions were executed with steel structures and prefabricated walls. In addition, the entity included culverts and container’s interior heat circulation piping.