Kesto- ja lujitemuovirakenteiden suunnittelua, valmistusta, asennusta ja dokumentointia

Plastic solutions

Porin Teollisuusputki designs, prepares, installs and documents thermoplastic and reinforced plastic structures, such as pools, containers, pipelines and scrubbers. The company designs and executes each project in accordance with the customer’s needs, delivering the most appropriate and sustainable solution.

In addition, PTP offers consultation services on thermoplastics and reinforced plastics. With support from PTP, you can find the economically and technically best solution that will meet the requirements of authorities and industry norms. When plastic is used as a material, particular attention is paid to the environment and the principle of sustainable development.

Plastic pipelines have good corrosion resistance and they are lightweight compared to traditional steel pipelines. In many factories, plastic is used as a material for chemical pipelines, for example.

Case 1

Fortum’s heat pump plant in Suomenoja

Suomenoja power plant’s heat pump unit utilises the waste heat of the Helsinki metropolitan area’s treated wastewater. The energy obtained corresponds to the annual heat usage of approximately 15,000 detached houses. Porin Teollisuusputki acted as the contractor for the external plastic pipelines between Fortum’s heat pump plant and HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services).

There was over a kilometre of piping to be installed. The pipelines were installed underground in culverts and even in an existing pipe. Installing a new pipe inside another requires careful planning. For occupational safety reasons, it was decided that the work was to be carried out using winches to avoid working inside the existing pipe.

Case 2

Fortum’s ash processing plant

Fortum’s ash processing plant situated in Mäntyluoto in Pori treats ash that comes from power plants. Environmental toxins are removed from the ash, and the end-product can be sent to a landfill, for example .

Porin Teollisuusputki Oy installed various pipelines at the ash refinery. They were made from pure glass fibre, combination pipe (PE100/glass fibre), PE pipes and acid-resistant steel. The pipelines were used to conduct different types of water, chemicals and compressed air. In addition, PTP installed different pipe gates and steels during the project and helped with alterations done during the deployment stage.

The work was executed on a fast schedule and the pipelines were manufactured both as prefabrication in PTP’s workshop and on the project site. Approximately 3,000 metres of pipeline was produced. PTP also installed and manufactured 2,500 metres of pipeline for transporting sea water.